My Sewing Machine is Back – thank goodness.

Last week disaster struck and I broke a needle when finishing some placemats. Not a great disaster but when I changed the needle and re-threaded the machine something fell from the area around the needle shaft. Due to the pandemic, my machine didn’t get its usual service last year, and it was now telling me that it was time. I really hope that this little piece is not too important.

When I collected my machine today there was another piece with it. Luckily this turned out be the old cutting plate which had been replaced. It was a relief that it wasn’t another piece that had fallen off.

While I was without my main machine I turned back to the first machine I bought. A Brother Celebrity 10. A lovely little machine which may be 30 years old, but still sews like a dream.

Just as well really as I had a lot of four patch blocks to make for the zoom class tomorrow, when I will be teaching both the four patch block and a disappearing version. We will also be looking at patterns we can create from this block.

All is now prepared and everything is set up for the class and its time to catch up with The Great Pottery Throwdown which I recorded of Sunday. I am in complete awe of everything they produce and can’t wait to see what challenge they will have for their first week. There is also the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year on 13th January, and catching up with the Sky Portrait Artist of the year. January is certainly starting off in a creative way.


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