Using up the Scraps

Over the last couple of months I have made play suits and dresses for Robyn. This has left me with odd shaped pieces of fabric which I am loath to throw away. I had also just finished a can of coffee and again I was not inclined to put it in the recycling bin. I think the two events merged in my mind overnight and this is the result.

A storage container or vase.

Hand Stitched Container cover

Machine Stitched Container Cover

I made a hand stitched version and a machine stitched one to compare. They each have a very different look. The hand stitched one is more circular and feels softer, but does take slightly longer to make. The machine stitched version has external seams and is more ridged, but both need the coffee container if they are going to be used as a scissor caddy. I have also added wadding at the bottom of the can so that my scissors don’t rattle around.

I was given some lovely yellow dahlias tonight at the allotment and they look beautiful in my new vase. I am very pleased that I made two versions.

I have added instructions for the machine stitched version. I would love to see your creations. Please tag bevmayo-quilts on instagram.

Happy quilting – Bev

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