Saturday in the Studio – a diary of my day.

I seem to have spent the best part of the last couple of weeks at my computer. Updating information and getting the new website up and running. None of this time has been wasted but I have missed being in the studio and doing what I like best. Cutting up fabric and piecing it back together again. Today I am making sure that I get some quality sewing time. Now I just need to decide which of the many outstanding projects I tackle first.

First job: Tackle the replacement strap slider on my suitcase strap. This was broken last year and has been waiting for my attention. I always put it off as it it a tricky sewing job. And so it proved. Change thread, Start sewing – break needle. Change needle and foot – job completed.

Job 2. Another Block swap block. It will be soon time for our next zoom meeting and I haven’t done any more of the blocks for the group swap. Time to get started again, I have chosen some bright batik fabric for this one. The center of the block is foundation pieced and then the bears paw border is added to complete my ‘Twisting Bears” block just in time for lunch.

A quick break to tidy up the poly tunnel on my allotment, and collect some vegetables for dinner. I found that one of the courgettes has become a monster and the sweetcorn needed to be harvested.

Back to the studio now and time to get on with dress for Robyn, The blue printed fabric was a great hit for the play suit and there is enough to make a dress for her. A couple of hours cutting out and sewing and the bodice is finished. It won’t take me long tomorrow to complete.

Final job of the day is to deal with all the sweetcorn and freeze it. Not my favourite jobs it is so time consuming but if we want to preserve the crop it is necessary.

All done and we have a huge bowl full of corn kernels. I have to report that the melon was delicious too.

I feel that, today, I have got the balance right, with time in my studio and time at the allotment. Keeping a diary of the day has helped me stay on track and get things done.

Have a good Bank Holiday Wekend – Bev

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