Lockdown Block Swap

My Modern And Art Quilting group have not been able to meet as usual over the last few months. Consequently this course is on hold. To keep in touch we have been holding regular zoom meetings and this led to a request for a project. We decided on a Block Swap with a difference. We chose a traditional patchwork block – Bears Paw, and the challenge is to merge it with another traditional block to create a brand new one.

The blocks need to measure 12½” to give a finished size of 12″. We have each chosen a colour scheme which we would like our own finished block swap quilt to be, but the choice of shades and fabrics is upto each member of the swap.

I played around with monkey wrench ( also called snail trail ) and with a pineapple style log cabin. I have designed two new blocks ” Twisting Bears” and “Tropical Bears”

Bears Paw merged with Monkey Wrench to make
“Twisting Bears”
Traditional Bears Paw Block
Bears Paw merged with a pineapple block to make
“Tropical Bears”

Starting with the Twisting Bears pattern I have been exploring colour placement in some of the members chosen colour schemes.

Janet – Purple, Blue &Pink
Diana – Shades of Purple with cream or white
Sue – purples with a dash of lime green

It is interesting to see how different the same block can look depending on the placement and shade of the fabric used. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the swap blocks look as the colour schemes are very different. I have asked for a blue and white colour scheme as I was thinking of my favourite willow pattern plates at the time.

Happy Quilting – Bev

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