The Tropical Bear Block and Maths

When I design a new block I initially don’t take into account how it will be made, the sizing or any other minor detail. That comes when I attempt to make it and write instructions, and this is one block that’s come back to bite me. I really don’t want to use templates and soContinue reading “The Tropical Bear Block and Maths”

Last Block Finished.

Usually I don’t get time to spend Monday in my studio as there is always lots of other things which need my attention. However today was an exception. I got up early and was determined to complete the last Twisted Bear block for the group block swap. I had cut out the pieces last nightContinue reading “Last Block Finished.”

Lockdown Block Swap

My Modern And Art Quilting group have not been able to meet as usual over the last few months. Consequently this course is on hold. To keep in touch we have been holding regular zoom meetings and this led to a request for a project. We decided on a Block Swap with a difference. WeContinue reading “Lockdown Block Swap”