June’s Table Runner

Just before Easter June purchased the Greta Table Runner pattern from my Etsy shop. Off the pattern went from the UK to Kansas, and I wasn’t expecting to hear anything unless it didn’t arrive. Well, it must have been sent by the fastest carrier pigeon the postal service had, as it was only a fewContinue reading “June’s Table Runner”

Is it too early to be thinking of Christmas makes?

Every year I make items for the family for Christmas. To me this is as much about Christmas as the actual day itself. It gives me time to think about the recipient whilst I am making the gift. This last year Christmas was difficult and I couldn’t bring myself to even think about it withoutContinue reading “Is it too early to be thinking of Christmas makes?”

Christmas is Coming

All the block swap block are finished and I am still clearing out the studio. Things always seem to get more messy before they get better but now it is time to turn my attention to this years Christmas Gifts. Each year I give hand made gifts to my family. Table runners, sculptures, jams andContinue reading “Christmas is Coming”

The Tropical Bear Block and Maths

When I design a new block I initially don’t take into account how it will be made, the sizing or any other minor detail. That comes when I attempt to make it and write instructions, and this is one block that’s come back to bite me. I really don’t want to use templates and soContinue reading “The Tropical Bear Block and Maths”

The Twisting Bears Block

In the Lockdown Block Swap post I shared my Modern and Art Quilt groups block swap challenge. To take two traditional blocks and merge them to make a new one. I designed two bocks which I named Twisting Bears and Tropical Bears. Over the last few weeks I have made quite a few Twisting BearContinue reading “The Twisting Bears Block”