The Tropical Bear Block and Maths

When I design a new block I initially don’t take into account how it will be made, the sizing or any other minor detail. That comes when I attempt to make it and write instructions, and this is one block that’s come back to bite me. I really don’t want to use templates and so the maths are tricky. There are going to be triangles at the edge of the block or lots of seams. To prevent the edges having unstable bias cut edges, I have used setting quarter square triangles at the edge of the block. Back to the paper pattern to work out the size of the starting square. I think that it is important to have a block with straight of grain and cross grain edges. Lots of decisions to make as how to piece it together. There are more than one way to make the block and it is now time to try the one which I think will work the best.

Maths maths and more maths!

My sister phoned me whilst I was in the middle of the math puzzle, and so got me in full twittering mode about eighth of an inch v’s quarter inch. She didn’t see the problem until I pointed out that forget an eighth of an inch, if you are a sixteenth of an inch out on your seams ( most quilts have at least 16 seams across ) you can add or loose and inch to the overall size. She decided to leave me to my twittering. I have decided to build in wriggle room on the block and will explain this in the instructions which I will post next week.

Project Basket

Now that I have written a cutting list I need to choose the fabrics. As this is a block swap block I can use the same fabric choices as the Twisting Bears blocks. These are the colour schemes chosen by the block swap members.

Twisting Bears Blocks

The Twisting Bear blocks look so different in each of the colour schemes. It is going to be very exiting to see the finished quilts.

Are you involved in a Block Swap? It is a great group project.

Happy Quilting, Bev

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  1. I really love your twisting bears block (although I haven’t made one yet) and I love the look of the tropical bear block. So I decided to have a go at combining two blocks – it’s not as easy as you make it sound to get two blocks to ‘play’ together never mind the maths involved 🙂 But I’m determined to get a block combined. Thank you for sharing your blocks.

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