Covered Buttons

I mentioned in my last post that I was using covered buttons as a finishing touch to the bolster cushion and I have been asked for step by step instructions to make them.

I used 38mm metal buttons by Prym and covered with a piece of thin wadding. I glued this in place with a glue stick and trimmed to just larger than the button size. I find that adding a layer of wadding helps form the button and prevents the metal showing through the fabric.

Using my 2″ circle I fussy cut the butterflies. This makes sure that the pattern I want is going to be in the middle of the button

Using a strong thread I tacked round the edge of the fabric and then placed it over the button. Pulling the threads and knotting the ends helps keep the fabric in place. Make sure the pattern is central on the button and press the fabric over the teeth to hold it in place.

The backing plate is then clipped into place and the button is ready to use.

The bolster cushion finished with the lovely butterfly buttons .

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