A Christmas Cracker

We are usually one of the last in our street to put up any Christmas decorations ( mainly due to the fact that I won’t have a bar of it until after my Birthday ) and this year has not been an exception. Yesterday we put up the external Christmas lights and decorated the tree. It is always exciting to get the boxes of decorations down from the attic. It marks the start of our Christmas festivities – usually.

This year is very different. There will be no gathering of friends on Christmas morning, where the kids (most in their 30’s now) all catch up with each other, and we raise a Bellini cocktail – or two. We had made the decision not to celebrate with our daughter and her new family and had sent gifts to them last week. I have been promised lots of photos of Robyn in her Christmas outfit and will keep connected via one of the video apps available.

Anyway, back to the tree, the decorations, and even further back in time. Each decoration has its own story, from those we purchased as a newly married couple, those brought home by our children from school Christmas fairs, and decorations I have made over the years. When we moved to our current home the children were very small and it became impossible to continue my hand knitted aran jumper business. So I changed tack and started designing cross stitch patterns, several of which were published in Needlecraft magazine.

These crackers were published in the Christmas 1995 edition of which I still have my copy. I used a fabric stiffener by Plaid to prevent the fabric from fraying and to give the crackers their shape. Even after 25 years they haven’t softened or frayed. This is still my go to fabric stiffener for any 3D projects that need it, as it has proved that it really does what it says on the bottle.

As with most projects there is always the one that didn’t make it but this makes it even more special to me as it is truly unique.

Christmas, like other religious festivals is a time to celebrate and get together with our families and friends. Many celebrations this year have had to be postponed and it is right that Christmas is too. But we can still take time to reflect on our shared memories and look forward to making more in the coming year.


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