The End of a Busy Week.

Or is it the start of a new one? I am never sure with Sundays. Whatever it is, it is a chance to update my blog.

I received another block for the block swap quilt my quilt group started during lockdown last year. I couldn’t resist getting them all out and have another look at them all together. The final placement and design will have to wait until I have received them all but it is exciting to see them so far. Although everyone started with the same traditional block – the bears paw – they all chose different blocks to merge with it to create new designs. They are going to very personal quilts for each of us, with blocks made specifically for us in our chosen colour scheme.

I was excited to receive a large fabric delivery this week and have spent a lot of time looking at the rainbow of colours I now have to play with.

Talking of a rainbow of colours I chose a few more pages for my sketchbook. I have cleared an area in my studio for the sketchbook challenge and need to make time this week for the next lesson.

Yesterday I started the Ambleside quilt block of the month quilt course. Even though the group is geographically apart, it is companionable to work together online. It was a busy day, everyone completed the first block, and we also looked at the sashing and cornerstones. I gave myself a challenge with a linear patterned fabric, and will have to be careful with the initial placement to ensure the pattern all goes in the same direction.

And finally today it started snowing. We couldn’t resist an afternoon walk round the park. It looks so different in its white blanket. There were lots of families out making the most of the snow by sledging and making snowmen. Looking at the weather forecast it is not going to last long, tomorrow we are forecast sun. Every day is different and we need to make the most of every day. It is going to be exciting to see what the new week has in store.

Happy Quilting


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