When does Work in Progress become an UnFinished Object?

As a textile teacher I have over the years created many samples, partially finished examples, step by step pieces, and some actually finished. The samples that are finished are not the problem. The step by step examples are. They have a habit of becoming UFO’s. I have quite a collection of flimsy’s – these are un-quilted quilt tops. I think my problem is that as soon as I have finished the piecing my mind is already moving on to the next quilt design. I am determined that this year I will make inroads into this collection, although I may need to find a way of creating more hours in the day.

Clare’s Block for the block swap

I am making a start with one of my most recent quilts, The lockdown block swap quilt of my Modern quilt group. I receive the last block this week from Clare in France and it fits in beautifully with those I have already received. This afternoon I had time to get all the blocks out on to my design wall and have a play with the quilt layout.

When I photographed each idea it became apparent that some of the blocks were darker than others. This helped me decide where they should be in the quilt.

I think that this is the final layout, and I have started adding borders to the blocks, which has really made them pop. I am getting a feel for how the final quilt may look but I may change my mind as the quilt develops. However it ends up, this is my Finish in February challenge. Are you doing a Finish in February challenge?

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t end up in the pile of flimsy’s.


Free pattern download for the Twisting Bears and Tropical Bears Blocks

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