A week ago today, our wonderful son passed away, after a 2year battle with bladder cancer. He was always so optimistic and faced everything that was thrown at him bravely. He had a wicked sense of humour and thought it great fun to creep into my studio and stand quietly behind me until I realised he was there, making me jump on many occasion.

It was shortly after he had launched his chocolate business that he was diagnosed. He kept going as long as he could producing some of the most delicious chocolates and truffles I have ever tasted. He was always thinking of the next recipe.

I never thought that he was interested in having a quilt until out of the blue, shortly before going to London as a chef, he asked when was I going to make one for him. Each block of the scrappy log cabin quilt made for him, was stitched with love to keep him warm whilst he was away from home.

He was the best son I could have had. A gentle giant with a huge heart. I will hold him in my heart forever.

I will be taking a break from my teaching for a little while, but will still be available for questions and advice by email.


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