The Dunmail Quilt

Do your quilts tell you their names?

As I am making a quilt, sometimes they tell me their names. Other quilts hide their names and I have to work hard to discover it.

This quilt was a project I undertook during that Twixmas period. I had hoped that it would be finished before New Year, but deciding at the last minute to make another border from the orphan blocks left over from the flying geese border, delayed completion of the quilt top.

As I was adding border after border to the quilt I could hear my father asking if we had our passports as we crossed Dunmail Raise crossing between Cumberland and Westmorland ( before they merged to form Cumbria. And so this quilt told me its name – Dunmail.

Now it is a New Year and it is a time to look forward, but also to remember the past and those who have gone before us with a smile and a happy memory.

Happy New Year.


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I am a textile tutor and artist specialising in patchwork & quilting.

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