Green, Blue or both.

As a patchworker, quite a lot of time can be spent choosing just the right fabric for a project. This week I bought some fabric – just because I liked it – and now have the task of trying to match it with fabric from my stash.

Dragonflies – Lakeside Fun by Clothworks

This lovely print gives lots of choices for fabric matching in shades of greens and blues.

But whilst choosing fabrics the old saying ” Blue and green should never be seen unless there is a colour in between” keeps echoing through my head. Where did this saying come from? How true is it?

Nature loves blue and green together you just have to look at all the lovely blue flowers and their green foliage to see that, so the origin must be from something else. Blue and green lie next to each other on the colour wheel, are they thought to be too tonally similar to be seen together? When viewing a distant horizon there is a point when the green of the land merges into the blue of the sky. There may be also be a nautical origin to the saying – it was though to bring bad luck to paint a boat green as it could not be seen easily if it capsized.

Whatever the origin of the saying, I love blue and green together.

Are there any colours or colour combinations you would never use in a quilt?


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