Is it too early to be thinking of Christmas makes?

Every year I make items for the family for Christmas. To me this is as much about Christmas as the actual day itself. It gives me time to think about the recipient whilst I am making the gift. This last year Christmas was difficult and I couldn’t bring myself to even think about it without Luke, let alone make gifts. But as always I could hear his voice telling me “It is what it is, and we have to move forward and keep going” That gave me the push I needed, although rather too close to the actual date for much to be made.

I bought some sock yarn – Perfect by Arne & Carlos for Regia – which makes a perfect pair of patterned socks with with no worry about the row count. I didn’t read the instructions though, and started from the outside of the ball of yarn. I was quite a long way down the sock and thinking this doesn’t look like the pattern before I read the instructions. Only to find that I should have started with yarn from the centre of the ball. After unravelling the sock and starting again, everything was going great until the heel turn. My usual heel turn – the Strong heel, does not work with this yarn. It has been designed for a German short row heel or a boomerang (Bumerangferse) heel. It took several attempts to make a heel that I was satisfied with, but I still find that I am getting holes. This year I will master it as starting now gives me plenty of time before Christmas. It is one of this years challenges to myself.

First pair boxed and ready for Christmas 2022

As I started late on the Christmas makes, (mid way through November) I only managed to make 5 pairs of socks, I decided to make some simpler items as stocking fillers. One was a Christmas napkin basket. I found a fabric with a robin picture which I placed in the centre of the basket as a surprise when all the napkins have been used. Although a square of Christmas fabric works just as well and is less time consuming.

It is a smaller version of the fabric tray pattern. I have added a free pattern download to my website with the new measurements. Small Napkin Basket

I am now going to make another everyday napkin basket in the hope of being able to have friends to visit for BBQ’s and afternoon tea this summer. I think we all need something to look forward to.


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