And it’s Wednesday again

The weeks fly by even though we are in lockdown and here we are again with my midweek musings. I am finding that I am waking extremely early these days. I don’t know if age has anything to do with it, but it is a blessing and a curse. It gives me time to plan the day ahead but I can run out of steam by late afternoon. Today I have an online class with one of my regular groups. Because of the lockdown the lessons at the shops were cancelled but we have decided to keep in touch via zoom. This can not replace being in the classroom together but is a way of keeping in touch and will allow me to continue helping with any patchwork problems.

The studio needed reorganising for todays lesson and it was an opportunity to put away and sort the scraps left over from my folded patchwork sampler quilt. I found that there was quite a lot of ‘bits’ left over so I sorted them into groups of the same sizes. 2½” squares and 2½” by 4½” rectangles being the most common sized pieces. My problem here is, that when faced with a pile of fabric I cannot help myself – I have to start sewing.

I have no plan for these pieces so the blocks have had to develop as I stitched. Starting with the rectangles I have made some useable blocks. At the moment I haven’t decided what it is going to be, a small quilt? a bag? The decision will have to wait until the 2½” squares are sewn together and then I can play around with them on my design wall.

Whatever it is going to be, it will be something useful, made out of a pile of scraps which otherwise would have been consigned to the scrap basket.

As it was such a beautiful afternoon yesterday, I did get out of the studio for a walk. I am lucky to live close to a country park which provides lovely walks and time for reflection. This is yesterdays sunset.

In a moment I will peek out the window to see if the sun has risen yet.


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