Sunday’s Sewing

I now know how the contestants on the Sewing Bee feel, when presented with instructions which could be written in ancient greek. I thought that I would finish the jacket for Robyn and everything was going well until I came to finishing the sleeves. The instructions tell me to pull the sleeves through the gap left in the lower back. I did this and ended up with the lining and the front as separate items and never the twain shall meet. Luckily my sister is a dressmaker, but trying to explain what I am attempting to do over FaceTime gave us both headaches. She has given me a tip which I will try, when I can bring myself to look at it again. If all else fails I can always make a wide double fold binding and make a cuff with the robin fabric. Look out for a post later in the week to see which I choose.

As I couldn’t get on with the jacket I decided to finish some more outstanding projects. The first was to make a label for the folded patchwork quilt. For some reason my sewing machine is now playing up and the feed dogs not moving as smoothly as they should be. I think cleaning and a new needle is in order.

However, the green thread I needed for my folded patchwork cushion arrived last week. It was very irritating to run out of thread when all I had left to do was the zip and sewing the back and front together.

Finally for the day I made the last of the folded patchwork cushions and now have the full set for the conservatory. I know that Christmas is going to be a quiet affair this year but strangely this has made me more determined to be festive.

I will be running the folded patchwork cushion day school again on 25th March 2021 and have already decided on the lovely “Big Sky” collection by Moda for my cushions.

Don’t forget to comment on the Spirit of Flight blog post to be in with a chance of winning the fabric bundle. The closing date is next Monday 30th November 2020.

The Patchwork Basics videos now available on youtube and IGTV are the Hourglass, and the disappearing Four Patch – version 2. I hope you enjoy them.

The Hourglass block
Disappearing Four Patch version 2

Happy Quilting


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