I love the lexicographer Suzie Dent from Countdown. She recently tweeted Merryneum as her (unofficial) word of the day. This is the blurry space between Christmas and New Year. Today (Monday) we entered into Merryneum as our Christmas celebration was delayed by a couple of days. Christmas day started out ok. Not our usual large gathering of friends but a walk to the allotment to dig up parsnips and carrots for the Christmas dinner. All going well so far. When we got home I started on preparing the dinner and took the turkey crown out of the fridge where it had been since Monday. On opening the packaging I was greeted with a horrid smell and a distinctly green tinged turkey. As a covid test it worked. All of us still have our sense of smell. Luckily we have some Christmas traditions which see us through small disasters like this. I always cook a honey roast ham for Boxing Day salad and cold cuts. Not for the first time, a previous one had been due to a power cut, we changed our plans, and had the cold cuts on Christmas day and Boxing day, saving our roast dinner for Sunday.

Boxing Day and Storm Bella brought flooding to many parts of the UK and the river near by was no exception. We usually take a late afternoon walk round the lakes but the river has burst its banks and the water meadows between the river and lakes are flooded. Many paths are impassable and looking at the river current it would be madness to try.

Now that we are over the pared down celebrations, and storm warnings, I am making use of the next few days to have another go at my studio clearing. I have moved some shelves which has given me the opportunity to look at all the magazines that I have collected over the years. I have over 50 copies of The World of Embroidery published by the Embroiderers Guild dating from 1988 to 2005. There are copies of Workbox, Stitch, Creative Beads & Jewellery, cross stitcher, and Classic Stitches to name a few.

I am in danger of spending time looking though all these wonderful magazines instead of sorting out the studio so have added them to the studio clearance items. If you would like any of these back issues they will be listed in my Ebid shop soon. As I am no longer teaching City & Guilds Hand & Machine Embroidery, there will be more embroidery fabrics, books and equipment as I go through the studio.

As my sister remarked when we video called earlier, – I have made the space even worse, but things always get worse before they get better. It will be done for a fresh start in the New Year and the block of the month quilt along

Happy Merryneum


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