How to eat an Elephant

As the saying goes – In small bites. The Elephant in question is the mess I have made of my studio in trying to clear out all the unwanted hand and machine embroidery items. Today I actually started putting things back on the shelves but still feel that I have taken on too much. Next week is 2021 and the start of my new courses. I am looking forward to getting going again after the holiday break but need to push on with the clearing.

This view is usually hidden from my students behind my design wall.

It doesn’t help that I get engrossed in looking through the magazines again ( just to check that I can part with them ) I have to admit it is quite difficult as there are some real gems among the articles. They have provided me with inspiration and added to my knowledge of creative textiles over the last 30- 40 years. From articles about Chinese silk embroidery, Turkish metal thread work, How to make Dorset buttons and Kumihimo braids and Temari balls to name a few.

edition from 1997
early 1990’s copies

This article about the Needlecraft of the Canal Boatwomen made me smile and I had to share it with our daughter who lives on a narrow boat. There was a couple who wore traditional canal attire at her wedding. Seeing this article showed me how much work had gone into their beautiful clothes. Although our daughter is not into traditional boating it is lovely to know that some traditions still thrive.

And this is only the Embroiderers Guild – World of Embroidery magazines. I haven’t started on Stitch, Workbox, Artists & Illustrators and the National Geographics’. I have started listing them in groups on my Ebid store Bev Mayo Studio clearance I hope they all go to people who have a love of textiles and embroidery and who will get as much out of them as I have. More items will be added as I continue to sort and “eat the elephant”in my room.


The elephant picture at the beginning of the post is one I took on a trip to Cambodia a few years ago.

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