It was February – now it’s March

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a flash, The weather was quite mild for a while, so I took the opportunity of spending some time at my allotment. I am still harvesting carrots and parsnips and am starting to plan this years crops. I was very surprised to see my small peach tree in flower. We are still getting early morning frost, so it will need protecting for a few more weeks. There are signs of Spring everywhere. I planted daffodils around the fruit trees which are starting to show. They are a favourite flower at this time of the year bringing a welcome splash of colour on dull days. It is important to spend time outdoors but there are times that I wish there were more hours in the day.

When I have been in my studio it has been for zoom classes. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with everyone via the wonders of the internet, but am looking forward to getting back to teaching in person as well. It has been lovely to meet people from all around the country and to share my patterns and techniques. The Newlands table runner day was great fun and the runners looked fabulous at the end of the session.

Lynn shared her finished runner which compliments the colours in the room perfectly. I love her quilting patterns and the purple accent borders.

After the disappearing four patch block zoom lesson, Janet made these striking pillows. One of the most pleasurable parts of teaching is to see what is done with the techniques and patterns from the classes. The pillows are just beautiful, and look very welcoming.

This week saw the third lesson in the Ambleside quilt course, and the quilts are starting to take shape. It was lovely to receive an email today with a photo of Sally’s blocks. It is going to be a stunning quilt.

The backing fabric for the block swap quilt has now arrived. So this week I plan to get it layered up and to make start on the quilting. I also have a few ideas for some new patterns which need fleshing out. I can see that if the weather keeps improving I am going to be torn between spending time in the garden and allotment and in my studio.

Oh for a few more hours in the day.


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