A new project and the sketchbook challenge update

I am going to start with an apology to all those who have subscribed to my blog for the radio silence of the last couple of weeks. It probably appeared that nothing was happening the studio but this is far from the truth. I was asked to produce some kits and classes to introduce patchwork to compete novices. Introducing new students to patchwork & quilting is a passion of mine, I love seeing them fall in love with the craft and watching their skills grow. However this meant that normal work in the studio had to take a side line. Things will get back to normal in a couple of weeks when the kits go live. I will be able to post more about this project then.

I did manage to add some more to the sketchbook I am making following Laura Kemshall’s sketchbook challenge course. The second lesson was to add colour to the pages. I started with acrylic but think that I have added too much. It is going to be interesting to see how these pages change as more layers of colour are added.

This is not the only sketchbook I will need to work on over the next month. The date for the Festival of Quilts is getting closer and I will need to start work on a quilt soon if I want to enter this year.

I will have to try not to take on any more new projects.


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